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Requesting user's opinion on documentation!

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    I will include the documentation as part of the application and update it with the missing bits for the next release (2.11).


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      I'm sure this has been asked for before, but I'd like to ask again for a downloadable manual and tutorial guide, to take someone from absolute beginner to OSCulator expert. Lots of examples, lots of downloadable templates to fiddle with, with everything explained.

      I have gone through the documentation, and to be honest, I found it a bit of a struggle to find the answers to simple questions there, particularly in terms of integration with TouchOSC surfaces one may have designed.

      I know this is a massive undertaking, but in terms of teaching this stuff (I do this a lot!) there just isn't the simple, understandable information out there on OSC and this would be a great place to start with such a great piece of software!


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        Hi Phinland,

        This is exactly what I have started to do a month ago, at least I'm trying my best to rewrite the user manual
        You can already download an initial edition of the PDF manual here:

        It is not complete, but when it will, OSCulator 2.11 will be released.

        The difficulty is that OSCulator is a "general purpose" software in some sense, and I can't be specific to TouchOSC, or any software. Regarding TouchOSC, there are already a lot of examples in the Sample Library, and each example is commented in the accompanying Notepad window.

        I hope this answers your request.

        Best Regards,


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          Hi Cam, Thanks as always for your input. To reiterate our email exchange, I think the new beta manual is a massive step forward. A really great pair of additions would be the functions appendix and some incremental worked example projects, moving from absolute MIDI/OSC/OSCulator beginner to expert in several increasingly complex stages. Cheers!