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Sending specific MIDI CC value?

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  • Sending specific MIDI CC value?

    Thanks for the brilliant software.

    My question is, is it possible to associate a specific MIDI CC value to a message?

    ie: I'm trying to set up a buttons using TouchOSC on my ipad to change between different banks loaded in a Kontakt instance. I can't use program changes because stupid Cubase got rid of them in VST3. I can set a script in Kontakt to change incoming CC values to Program Change values and hence switch banks that way.

    However, I can only seem to figure out how associate a message with the whole range for any given MIDI CC. Is there a way to get a message to send say, just value 44 for MIDI CC22 on MIDI channel 1?


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    The way to do this is to:

    - assign a MIDI CC event to a message.

    - go to the Scalings Page (choose View > Flip to Scalings Page)

    - and set the output min and output max values to the specific value you want.

    With OSCulator 2.10 you can simply type the value in MIDI 'units'.

    With earlier versions, you needed to divide this value by 127, which made this setting even more awkward.

    So, this is how this must be done by now, but I'm looking forward to revise the user interface for this specific need.




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      Perfect!!!!! Thanks for the snappy reply.