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  • scrolling with fader or rotary


    ive tried researching this and reading the reference manual but could not find any answers. is there any way to use a rotary or fader to scroll through a window? i cant figure the mouse event type with scroll function out. i realize i could use just a push button with a down arrow function assigned but i was hoping to actually be able to "scroll" through the library just by holding a centered rotary or fader to one side. my attempts so far have just gotten a window to move 1 "scroll" by moving a fader or rotary and i have to keep moving it around to get another scroll.

    this is for serato so midi mapping would be possible but emulating a mouse with the serato window as the active window would be the preferred way.

    also, if this is at all possible, is there a way to control the scroll speed according to how far off center the fader or rotary is?

    camille, im sure it will be you that answers this so thank you in advance and sorry to pester you.... finding this program just gave me so many ideas on possible uses for it

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    just realized the function im trying to get is much like a spring loaded shuttle/jog wheel that scrolls and returns to center after scrolling.


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      I tried to do this by customizing the example I sent yesterday about a rotary being reset when the rotary is released:

      I removed the MIDI CC messages, and instead used Edit -> Split to divide the rotary in two, and assigned Mouse -> Scroll Wheel Up and Mouse -> Scroll Wheel Down events. Unfortunately this doesn't work well because you have to repeat the presses on the rotary in order to keep the window moving.

      There is another problem but this time it is more tied to the way the Scroll events are currently implemented: they do not scroll smoothly like it does for example with a magic mouse. I think at the time I wrote those events I didn't figure out how to do this properly. That means the scroll events simply scroll the window by a bunch of lines, not on pixel basis.

      A much more simple solution would be to have two buttons side by side, one with the Scroll Up event, the other with the Scroll Down. This is not as neat as what you suggested, but I think it should do the trick.