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  • Tracktor Scratch Pro?

    Is Osculator compatible with Traktor scratch pro?.... I can not get anything to come up in the assignment table in traktor . I am able to download the tsi. file into traktor but once i select it in the device drop down menu nothing will come up in the assignment table underneath. any help will be greatly appriciated thank you.

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    Hi Brent,

    I am not a Traktor user, so I can only give you some hints.
    From what I understood, the tsi file enables Traktor to map MIDI events to control Traktor user interface. This is one part of the game. The other lies in OSCulator: to map OSC messages sent from a controller (like TouchOSC for example) to MIDI events.

    If you know what MIDI events Traktor expects, you should be able to set the right MIDI events in OSCulator. I am not sure how the tsi file is displayed in Traktor but I guess you might be able to know if you need for example a MIDI CC (control change) or a Note to control something.

    It would be great if someone could shade a light on this, or give a better explanation.
    If you need further details, don't hesitate.



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      Thanks Camille, I got my ipad up and running with Traktor. i still am not sure if i achieved this the easy way or not ..but i had teach traktor each midi control individually. took some time but i got it. Maybe this is the only way i do not know. I originally was thinking that once you add the Tsi. file to traktor there would be no need to teach traktor each buttom,knob ,fader and so on of the ipad.. anyways all is good now and i really am impressed with how well i can controll traktor wireless with ipad so far.