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Using Soundtrack Pro with OSCulator?

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  • Using Soundtrack Pro with OSCulator?

    Hi there,
    I love the idea of OSCulator. In my workflow I need to use Apple's Soundtrack Pro 3. Is there a possibility to control Soundtrack via the OSCulator? Soundtrack supports Mackie and Logic controls, so perhaps it is possible to convert Osculators MIDI-output to a Mackie Control interface for using with Soundtrack.

    Can anyone help me out? Thanks a lot!

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    Hi bluejack,

    With the current MIDI implementation of OSCulator it is not possible to emulate all the Logic Control messages easily.
    I don't have Soundtrack to test with, but I gave a try with Logic, and here what you can do to get some minimal control on volume faders and some controls:
    1. Launch OSCulator and Soundtrack.
    2. Add a Logic Control control surface, and set its input to "OSCulator Out" (page 244 of the Soundtrack manual)
    3. In OSCulator map a message you would like to use as a volume fader to the Event Type "MIDI Note", and choose "Pitch Bend" as Value. Then choose MIDI channel 1. Repeat this for the other 7 channels (2 to 8). With this you will be able to control 8 faders.
    4. At page 245 of the manual, they explain how to map key commands to controls in Soundtrack. Use the same key commands to send Key Combo events from OSCulator to Soundtrack, that will enable you to access other features using buttons. To create a key combo in OSCulator, locate the message you want to use for sending the key combo, select the Event Type "Key Combo", and in the Value column, choose "New …", then type you keyboard shortcut and dismiss the window.

    Please let me know if you need more details.



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      Thanks for your explanation. I will try that in the next couple of days. If there are any problems, I will post here.