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Buying a license using a friend's Paypal account

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  • Buying a license using a friend's Paypal account

    Hi Camille,

    I bought a license using my girlfriend's Paypal account (sorry), because I lost my credit card,
    and was wondering if it is possible to somehow change it to link to my e-mail address (or disabling her license and making a new one for me, not making two licenses),
    if there comes a time that recovery is needed and I cannot access her e-mail.

    Sorry if this came out wrong, lol, will gladly explain in detail over PM.

    Thanks, Ivor

    EDIT: (sorry for being rude, here goes...)
    Hi, my name is Ivor, and I'm really happy with OSCulator,
    bought it mostly for use of Wiimotes and other input thingies in Quartz Composer.(for now)
    Raw IR routing works OH SO GREAT (also for now)
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    Hey Ivor,

    No problem at all.
    Administrative matters are best discussed directly with me.
    You can send an email to camille at osculator dot net with your friend's email address so I can look it up.