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MIDI Clock Sync-ing between two computers

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  • MIDI Clock Sync-ing between two computers

    Is there anyway I can sync the MIDI clock using OSCulator??

    I know I can send MIDI signal to a device but can I send it to another laptop? It seems like it would already be an included functionality. We both have OSCulator installed on our computers (2 macbook pros)

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    Hi TheTurtleGuy,

    Maybe OSCulator is not the best tool to sync two devices over the network.
    Although you could pipe MIDI over OSC messages and send it to computers, the best way to do that in my opinion is to use an understated feature of Mac OS X which is Network MIDI.

    In the Audio MIDI Setup application, open the MIDI Window, and double click on the purple Network icon.
    Add a network MIDI session to a master computer and add each slave computer to that session. There is no need to configure IP addresses since the service is automatically discovered using Bonjour.

    You will then be able to use a MIDI port called "Network MIDI" in you applications.
    The rest is the usual MIDI Clock / MIDI Timecode sync...



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      i just wanted to say thanks to you for being so available to answer questions and help. i recently emailed you about licensing questions and now that i've discovered how to run multiple computers off of one input device [thanks to this thread and a few others concerning apples network midi], i'm going to press for my facility to purchase licensing for each computer as well as a license for my own.

      keep up the good work, and it's always impressive to see someone providing builds to fix errors and updates as quick as you seem to do.


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        Thank you for taking a moment to say this.
        Much appreciated!