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Dynamic labels from Mackie control faders

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  • Dynamic labels from Mackie control faders

    I wish to show the fader labels on my ipod from the metric Halo MIo console.
    It uses Mackie control protocol but not exactly any Ideas how to do this.

    I can update the label with the fader position ie a number between 0 & 1 then it stays at 1 thanks


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    What I mean by channel label is the name of the input source for the channel in the MIO console mixer.


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      I am sorry but the Mackie protocol can only be "manually" decoded at the present time. This means you can only do basic things like controlling the faders' values or pan, mutes etc, but it won't be possible to read a string.
      I will keep note of this feature think about including it in a future version.



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        Thanks for the reply
        That saves me trying to find a non existent solution. It would be a really nice feature till then I will appreciate the very smooth fader control.

        the other thing I was trying to do was get some sort of visual audio meters is this possible I see you can do it from Traktor(I think).


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          To have a visual cue of an audio metering you would need a way to send the audio level as a MIDI (or OSC for instance) message. However, I don't know how to do that in Traktor. If you believe that it can be done, I would search in the MIDI mapping to see if there is a way to add a mapping from an audio level to a MIDI message.

          If you manage to get this MIDI message in OSCulator, then you will simply have to route this value using a OSC Routing event. To create a OSC Routing definition, go in the Parameters window, then click on the OSC tab, and add a new routing (+ button at the bottom). Then use the OSC route editor to change the rewrite address to the address of the fader you would like to use for display of the audio level.