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Connect OSCulator to Isadora

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  • Connect OSCulator to Isadora

    It is my first time to use either of these programs and I'm having a problem connecting the two together. Any help would be appreciated and explaining it to me like a idiot would be great.

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    Hi Charles,

    Isadora can be controlled with either MIDI or OSC message, unfortunately I won't be able to help you much on the Isadora side, but if you can be a bit more descriptive on what you would like to do with OSCulator, I will surely be able to give some hints.



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      Actually i figured it all out, you have to have the routing right and correct port address on the osc side and on izzy you just need the osc listener actor. Thanks though


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        How did you do it?

        I've been trying to do the same thing. In OSCulator did you use OSC Routing? What was your Value set to? Channel? In Izzi did you use the OSC Listener? Any special settings?

        Thanks for you help!


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          Hi Tweitz,

          To use OSC Routing, you need to know on which port Isadora is listening to.

          In the Parameters Window, go to the OSC tab, and in the table at the top, configure the second target (usually the first target is left for the default target, and is set automatically to the first OSC device found on the network).

          If that is port 9000 for example, what you need to type in the host:target column is 'localhost:9000' (without the quotes). localhost refers to your own computer in the networking jargon, and 9000 is the port to which data must be sent.

          In order to create a OSC Routing, click on the + button at the button, and set the target column to the corresponding target (usually the number 2 for the reasons I explained in the previous post). You can then choose the rewrite address, and arguments layout in the OSC editor window.



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            Hi tweitz,

            Don't know if you've sorted this, but Izzy listens on port 1234 by default.