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Multiple Devices (i.e. 2 X iphone, 1x iPad) with Osculator

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  • Multiple Devices (i.e. 2 X iphone, 1x iPad) with Osculator

    Hi All,

    (couldn't find this query on the board)

    Can I use multiple devices with Osculator? The ideal setup would be:

    Ableton Live as DAW
    two iphones running different OSC software controlling Live
    iPad running Konkreet Performer controlling instruments in Live

    and then some midi going into Live via traditional routes e.g.
    trigger finger
    Behringer rotary

    etc etc

    Anyone doing this?

    Many thanks

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    Yes, you can use many devices together with OSCulator, but you have to follow some rules:
    • If you want to use many networked devices, you must use one document (one OSCulator window) per device. Once all the devices are on the network, each of them will have to be configured with its respective document, and the document's default OSC device must be set to its corresponding device manually. This is done in the Parameters Window, OSC tab, and set the radio button in the upper table to the desired device.
    • If each of this device needs to communicate bi-directionally with MIDI, it is much advised to create a IAC bus per device and set each document to use the respective IAC bus. The IAC busses must also be set as inputs in Live.

    Please let me know if you need any other details.


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      Hi Camille, Many thanks for this - need to set some time aside and get all this hooked up. Thanks again.


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        Couldn't you have multiple devices "acting" as one if you make sure each device has unique control names (e.g. /1/push only appears on ONE devices)?


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          Yes, but you will run the risk of having problems with automatic bi-directional communications because OSCulator uses a "default target" to send 'replies' to TouchOSC. Unless you don't need bi-directional comm, or that you know how to set it up manually, it is totally fine to use different OSC addresses and MIDI CC in a single file.

          I find it easier to split the configuration over several files though.