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Play Live clips with LiveOSC

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  • Play Live clips with LiveOSC

    Hi! I read a post on the forum abot LiveOSC and I've been investigating a bit! I read an answer from Camille saying "OSCulator was not really made to work easily with the LiveOSC API", and this makes me doubt about their performance

    Now I'm trying to play clips with ToucOSC, but I'm not sure how I have to do it. I've searched documentation on internet, and I only found it:

    I dont know if I've to do it using OSC rutings lik "/live/play/clip" or if I have to do it with MIDI notes in chanel 16!

    Thank you very much!

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    Perfect, I know how to do it. I use "/live/play/clip" and 2 arguments (one for track and other one for clip)! It works!