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Monome to Quartz Composer with OSCulator?

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  • Monome to Quartz Composer with OSCulator?

    Hello Camille and others.

    There is some back story to this issue/question: Monome thread here:

    AND VDMX thread here:

    In summary: I want to get my monome to talk with Quartz Composer via serialOSC (monome osc app).

    'Serialosc' uses 'lists'
    eg: /grid/led/set x y s

    Quartz Composer OSC send/receiver doesn't. But could use something like this:
    /grid/led/x/y s

    Monome probably wont change their serialosc protocols because it works fine in MAX.

    Apple probably wont change their OSC send/receiver plug-ins either!.

    So I've come here to OSCulator to ask for suggestions / see if OSCulator could make a 'bridge' to resolve this 'translation issue'.

    Any help would be most greatly appreciated.

    best wishes,

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    Hi Ben,

    This is totally possible, but in the current version of OSCulator the process is a bit tedious.

    The idea is to use the 'Demux' command (in the Edit menu) on the arguments of the mesage coming from the monome, and then use OSC Routing events with the proper OSC address.

    Here are two threads as a suggested quick reading:!)

    I understand that the configuration of all the OSC Routing definitions can be very tedious. If you want to try that solution, I can programmatically create a routings file with, say 256 routings which should suit all monome types.

    Then, all you would have to do is to assign each 'demuxed' messages, the right routing, a task that I leave to the brave user.