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Problem Sending BPM to CoGe VJ

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  • Problem Sending BPM to CoGe VJ

    I'm using Osculator to link Live and a USB hardware controller to a great piece of VJ software called CoGe. I thought it would be easy to set up correctly, but it's not working. For most things in CoGe, you can assign OSC control by simply selecting the item, picking "set OSC" from a dropdown, and tweaking the hardware or software control. This is very easy and works with no trouble. For sending and receiving bpm however, CoGe uses the namespace "/cogebpm" and that's what I can't seem to get working. This is what's going on.

    - Live is sending info out port 8000 to Osculator.
    - Osculator is sending info out port 1234 to CoGe.
    So once I've set the port in the Parameters, a line in the main window would read something like:
    Message = "(whatever the message is)" / Event Type = "OSC Routing" / value = "D"

    Again, this works very easily and just like in CoGe, most of the assignments can be made from dropdowns.

    To send bpm to CoGe, I've set the Event Type to "OSC Routing" and then gone to the value dropdown and selected "New". That takes me to the parameters window where I double-click in the "Rewrite Address" column and type in "/cogebpm". That gives me a line that reads"
    Message = "(bpm message)" / Event Type = "OSC Routing" / value = "D > /cogebpm"

    Also, I have set CoGe to receive bpm from OSC. But it's not working.

    Once thing I'm wondering is that Live sends a bpm message "/midi/clock/position" with 2 sub-messages "0:beat" and "1:sub-beat". I have tried sending "/cogebpm" to all of them in every variation I can think of.

    I'm wondering if maybe I'm just misunderstanding how to write something like this.

    Thanks for any help, Jason

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    Hi Jason,

    The /midi/clock message you are seeing can be used to track the impulses generated from a MIDI Clock message, but can not be used to send the BPM value to another device. Unfortunately, Live does not seem to be able to communicate its BPM value. I think that could be done using a Max for Live device, do you have this extension? If this is the case, I can ask a friend who know M4L very well for more information.



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      no i don't have M4L. thanks though. i'm gonna keep messing with it and if i figure some workaround i'll post it here.