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  • osculator and resolume avenue

    Hi I'm Mark, aka Mezmer, a VJ from Holland
    I recently got an Ipad and I'm trying to set it up to run with resolume. I have the rrrresss 3.0 skin for liveOSC and got osculator to receive the right messages ( got the green light blinkin, right texts responding )
    I've got my osc output set to 7000, my resolume input to 7000, my bundle setting on and I don't know what the missing link is because although I'm quite good with english for someone who isn't a native speaker I wasn't able to find my problem anywhere!!!
    what is the missing particle between my programs??

    much love from mark

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    Hi Mark,

    Do you have a link about the rrrresss 3.0 skin?
    I would need some information about how it works.
    The thing that piqued my attention is that you said that it was for LiveOSC, so I'm not sure how it will work with OSCulator.