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Syncing two Osculator programs

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  • Syncing two Osculator programs


    Im working on a show where i need two osculator programs running. I need one program to trigg the other one or sync in some way... Is there a good way to do this?

    Wiimote >> Osculator 1 >> Live and Oscultor 2 trigging a fx pedal

    all the best.


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    Hey Erik,

    The best way to do this would be to use a OSC Routing from OSCulator 1 to OSCulator 2 on the other computer.
    • Having both computers on the same network, on the first computer, open the Parameters Window, and go to the OSC tab. You should see the other computer in the list at the top. Note the target number (for the sake of the example, say it is #2).
    • Now create a OSC Routing (click on the + button), and assign the number corresponding to your remote computer (#2 for instance).
    • Finally, close the Parameters Window, and duplicate the message coming from the Wiimote that goes to Live. On the the message copy, assign a OSC Routing message and use the one you just defined. This will make available this message on the remote computer.



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      Thanks for your quick answer!

      Well i think i miss something out... I cant get it to work right. Do you have one of your good sample files so i can see how i need to do? By the way, its a nice feature! Looking forward for it to work : )


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        Hi Erik,

        I forgot to mention, that your computer will not automatically appear in the list of OSC targets. You need to select it manually using the "gear" button at the end of the "host:target..." column.

        Attached is an example of how to route a Wiimote button to another computer. You will indeed need to change the OSC target to your other computer, since this example uses the name of my computer.

        Attached Files


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          Yeah.. Got it to work a bit! Almost there But i cant get the Enable Combine to work this way. It just sends the original button as a signal. So i want two different notes on the same button with a second button pressing down the Enable combine - sending two osc routing messages. Hope my description is ok...


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            Hello there again.. Here is my topic explaining what i want to do but with the OSC Routing from OSCulator 1 to OSCulator 2. Is it possible to do?


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              Hey Erik,

              Since you know how to do this on one "local" OSCulator, all you have to do is to forward the Wiimote messages to another running OSCulator with OSC Routings.
              • Launch OSCulator on both computers, and connect your Wiimote to computer 1.
              • Open the Parameters Window on computer 1, and go to the OSC tab.
              • In the list of targets (table at the top), choose a free slot, and click on the gear icon dropdown menu, and select the instance of OSCulator running on computer 2.
              • On the bottom table, add a OSC Routing (click the + button) and set its slot to the slot of the instance of OSCulator running on computer 2.
              • Finally, quit the Parameters Window, and assign a OSC Routing message for each messages of the Wiimote you want to send to computer 2 (the buttons for instance)

              An example of a similar configuration can be found in the Samples Library, look for a file called "Wiimote to Max.oscd".