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Switching a page when press a push button?

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  • Switching a page when press a push button?

    In my project i have two pages.
    In the second i have a push button.
    I assigned the push button to a command in Traktor.

    I'd like, when i press the push button the second page is switching to the first page. How can i do that? I can't find it in Osculator.

    Is the process can be like that:
    TouchOSC > osculator > TouchOSC

    or have to be like that:
    TouchOSC > osculator > Traktor or other midipipe > osculator > TouchOSC

    Thx for your help!

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    Hi Triff,

    I'm not sure to understand very well.
    You would like to change the page of TouchOSC when you push a button.
    But isn't it what the pages do already?
    Are you using a custom button because the positionning of the page button is not convenient for you?

    Anyway, the process you described is right (TouchOSC > OSCulator > TouchOSC).
    In OSCulator, go in the Parameters Windows, OSC tab, and create a new routing. Edit that routing and change the rewrite address to the name of the page you want to switch to (/1 for example). In the arguments list, remove the <all args> token (the page change messages in TouchOSC do not use arguments).

    Hope it helps!



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      Wahou! too quick your are

      okay i will try that tonight!

      In fact, my first page is the one i always use in live, the second is a push button matrix to select combo multi effects in traktor. So i want to automatise that, instead of switching back manually to the first one with the usual button on the top, i want to select an effet and the first page is directly launched...



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        I'm sorry but i can't find the solution 8(

        Name of the first page: SELECTOR
        The second is: COMBO and the push button is push11

        Here is the steps i tried:

        /COMBO/push11 appear in the list as an input.
        event type: OSC routing
        Value: localhost:9000 > /SELECTOR/1 (i try with /SELECTOR because when i switch this page the input is /SELECTOR without /1)
        i'm a bit confused cause all the input from traktor have this value: Default: iPad [iPad] (TouchOSC) >etc... Why can't i put the same value?

        It seems there is no routing back so i try to duplicate the input /COMBO/push11, the first line have a midi CC event type and 70 for the value (i'll need it for my setting in traktor so i think duplicate is a good idea) and for the second line i put OSC routing and localhost:9000 > /SELECTOR/1

        And still dosen't work... And i removed the tags <args> as you said...

        In the manual i saw that:

        "Manually Create Message… Prompts the user with a OSC message name, and displays it in the list. This command is only useful in some very specific cases.
        One of them is with TouchOSC, when configuring bi-directional communication with a control that is not able to send messages for example a label or a LED:
        • Choose “Manually Create Message…” and give the name of the LED you want to map in Live (e.g. /1/led1),
        • When the message is displayed in the list, assign a MIDI Control Change event,
        • In Live activate the MIDI learn mode and select the control you want to map with the LED,
        • Back to OSCulator, click in the activity monitor corresponding to the /1/led1 message (this will have the effect of sending the assign MIDI message to Live),
        • Disengage learn mode in Live, and use the mapped control, this will create a back-mapping entry in OSCulator, thus changing the status of the LED in TouchOSC."

        But i don't have this function in the menu... 8(

        And i tried one more thing:
        I use Midipatchbay to rout the output of osculator in the osculator input(8000). So i have a new input, i tried to change the destination but it still doesn't work.... eurk!

        Do you have another idea? 8)


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          okay i find a solution! Maybe not the a proper one but it works fine!

          i give a midi CC for the page /SELECTOR value 127
          I duplicate the line of the push button. one with 70 for the value and another one with 127.
          In Traktor i put modifier 1 Input with 127 and a modifier 1 Output with 127.

          So when i press the push button, my effects are selected, the modifier 1 value switch and traktor send to osculator a midi cc of 127 and the first page is switching!!


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            Excellent solution, glad you found it!