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Yamaha 01v96 EQ Question

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  • Yamaha 01v96 EQ Question

    The user ezee63 created this awhile ago:

    When he hits the LO, LO-MID, HI-MID, HI it changes the 3 Q, FREQ, GAIN to those specific faders. I was going to create a set of EQ's for my iPad template, but thought I would have to have 4 sets of 3 faders, but not so if I can figure out how he is doing that.

    The 01v96 has each LO, LO-MID, etc bound to a single midi command. It seems like when he toggles between those 4 it changes the 3 faders to the correct midi-commands for that filter. It even updates w/the last value it was changed to.

    This is really cool, because I think you could do the same thing with faders for volume as well, when selecting 1-16 vs 17-32 & even master fader/aux sends so they could all update with the same 16 faders. As well as having a row of toggles for which channel you want to do the EQ on as well?(am I right in thinking that?)

    Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Someone did ask him directly on the forums awhile ago, but didn't see any response (I asked as well but figured someone on here might know).


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    Hey Jasems,

    The way he does that is by using different presets:
    - the LO, LO-MID, etc., buttons select the active preset,
    - and the option "Send preset values when this preset is restored" (found in the preset menu) is enabled for all presets.

    Please note that for some reason this works well only if you have one page in TouchOSC.



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      Hi Jasems, I wish i could help.. i messed around with an eq template a while ago. I found that i could control all of the eq parameters.. but the problem i ran into was that the o1v would not retain the adjustments when i switched to another channel to eq it.