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Osculator + Processing + TUIO || (help!)

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  • Osculator + Processing + TUIO || (help!)


    we are working on a multitouch project and i've been using both the TUIO library as the TuioZones library. And here's the thing: both of the libs want to acces information on port 3333. Is there a way to duplicate all the information from port 3333 to 2 new ports using OSCULATOR?

    (i've been trying to work it out using duplicate, but i want to duplicate ALL of the events that will happen...)

    Kind Regards and thanks for the great App

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    Hi Subtiv,

    First of all, I guess you already know that, you can not open two OSC servers on the same port. What you want to do is to receive from port 3333 and send to two other ports.

    There is unfortunately a limitation in OSCulator that prevents the possibility to broadcast TUIO messages to several destinations.

    To solve this problem, I have written a little command line tool that receives OSC messages and sends them to many destinations. Download the tool here.

    Here is an example of how you can use it.

    (If you need help using a command-line tool, please let me know.)
    Supposing you have unzipped the tool in your home folder, open a Terminal window and type:

    ./oscbroadcast -s 3333 -t osc.udp://localhost:4000 -t osc.udp://localhost:4001
    This will setup the broadcaster to listen on port 3333, and forward all messages on ports 4000 and 4001. You can open two OSCulator windows on ports 4000 and 4001 and see that messages are broadcasted to both.

    I will work on a more general solution of this problem for the next major release. Thank you for your patience.

    Best Regards,