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using two macs with the osculator

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  • using two macs with the osculator

    Hello, were new to osculator and we want to know if we can send a note and two laptops can receive it. we tried and we had no luck.
    one laptop is running ableton live and vdmx and the other one, just running vdmx.
    what we want to achieve is, when we send the midi signal, both live and vdmx are receiving the note for audio and video on the first laptop and the second laptop will receive the midi note for video efxs
    Feel free to ask if you guys need additional info.
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi RealityEngine,

    Here is a suggestion: (inspired from
    • first run OSCulator on both computers.
    • choose one computer as the master and the other as the slave
    • in the main list of the master computer, locate your MIDI message, and duplicate it (Command-D)
    • open the Parameters Window, and go to the OSC tab
    • At the top, define a new target by choosing an empty slot, and click on the gear icon, then choose the target that matches your slave computer (you should see the OSCulator service with your computer name in the list). Remember the slot number (2 for example).
    • Add a new routing by clicking the + button, and change the slot number from default to the number you've just memorized (2 for example).
    • Close the Parameters Window
    • Finally assign the newly created OSC routing to one of your MIDI note's duplicates.

    The result is that when the MIDI note is fired, the resulting OSC message will be sent to the slave computer as well.
    You may adapt this recipe to do what you need.

    Please let me know if you have any trouble setting this up.



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      Thank you for your answer Camile, i will test it and let you know