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Traktor midi out not working?

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  • Traktor midi out not working?

    I have an Ipad and osculator
    I made different pages on osculator, but on every page there is an eqlizer.
    I gave the same names and midi values to the eq's on the different pages.

    Midi in (seen from the point of view of Traktor) works perfectly.
    So when I change a parameter on my Ipad, it also changes in Traktor. (it works from all pages on my ipad)

    But midi out (seen from the point of view of Traktor) doesn't work like I expected.

    I expected when I change an EQ in Traktor with my mouse.... it will automatically change on my Ipad. But nothing happens.
    I also expected, when I change an EQ on one page, it also changes on the other page.... but nothing happens too.

    so I don't see there is an midi out from traktor to my Ipad.
    What do I do wrong? or is there nothing I can do, because it's not possible?
    I hope someone can help me on this
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    Hi de wouzer,

    Can you see messages like "/midi/..." in OSCulator?
    That means that Traktor sends MIDI messages to OSCulator. If not, there is a communication problem between Traktor and OSCulator.

    If you have the "/midi/..." messages you can try to delete them and let OSCulator re-create the routing back to your iPad.

    One thing to check also is that:
    - in OSCulator's Parameters Window, go to the OSC tab, and check that your iPad is set as the default target (i.e. the radio button is set in front of the line with your iPad's name)
    - there is no firewall intertwined between your computer and your iPad.
    - you are not using any DSL or wireless router between your computer and your iPad (i.e. the connection is made using an ad-hoc WiFi network as documented here).

    I believe that your screenshot shows a correct configuration.

    Please let me know if any of these suggestions helped.
    You can also send me your oscd (OSCulator), tsi (Traktor mapping) and touchosc files so I can have a check on my computer.

    Best Regards,