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  • WIFI Trouble

    Hey everyone,

    I've downloaded OSCulator for using it with TouchOSC and Logic. When it works, it's pretty impressive and I'm definitly willing to buy it. Howevery, there is a major problem. I'm using it on OSX 10.4 on an early Intel MBP and after starting OSCulator, WIFI on the Mac dies. It recovers after some seconds only to vanish again. This goes on and on. Of course, while WIFI is down, TouchOSC and OSCulator have no connection. I've not experienced other WIFI trouble on this machine.

    Is there anybody with similar trouble? Or are there any ideas how this can be fixed?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Gero,

    This is a strange problem.

    Could you please elaborate more on the problem?

    Specifically, what do you mean when you say that the Mac 'dies'?

    OSCulator is not doing any funny things with WiFI, so I'm not really sure where the problem comes from.

    Please let me know what's happening, and I'll try to find a solution.




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      sorry for the late reply.

      I've been able to hunt this down a little more: The problem only appears when I leave "discover on launch" activated. I'm not 100% sure what it does, but from my understanding, this only does things related to bluetooth, right?

      By "dying" I meant that the WIFI-Icon turns completly grey, just like it'd do if you switched off the router or something.

      I'll try to give it some more testing tonight (and make sure that the discover option really did it for me).




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        Hey Gero,

        This is ancient history in my brain, but I think I remember having the same thing happening when running on Mac OS 10.4 (the WiFI icon turning grey back and forth). Like you said, bluetooth discovery really only does something with bluetooth, so I think this is an operating system bug.

        What would be useful for me is to have an Apple System Profile of your system.

        If you can click on the Apple icon, then "About This Mac…", then "More Info…", an application will be launched. Then you do "File->Save As" and send me the resulting file to my email address : camille at osculator dot net.

        If you are able to reproduce this problem with the latest versions of Mac OS X and OSCulator, I will definitely try to reproduce it myself on my MacBook Pro.




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          I just got home and played around with it some more. It is definitly the settings for Wiimote discovery that cause my WIFI to crash. Unchecking these makes everything work fine.

          Now that you mention it, I also have some very distant memories about an OSX update that caused similar trouble on a machine I used at work. Must have been something like 10.4.6 or 10.4.7. So I guess chanced are it's an OS bug, too.

          I happen to have two other MBPs at hand, one of the shiny new ones and one of the previous models, both running Leopard. I'll try if I can reproduce the problem there, but I guess it will not happen.

          I'll send you the system profile but just to make sure: I personally am absolutly fine without Wiimote support. If this problem is not reproducable on newer OSX versions, I don't think there's any need to lose a thought about it.

          Thanks a lot,