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Iphone 4 IOS 5 Cubase 6 Lio 8 and Mio Console

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  • Iphone 4 IOS 5 Cubase 6 Lio 8 and Mio Console

    I downloaded your program from a reference from Granite Rocks Studio.

    Steve has made a few templates for the Metric Halo Mio Console, their 80 bit digital mixer that comes with their audio interface, for OSC on iPhone and iPad. You can see what Steve has done at the link. I have Got the Touch OSC app on iPhone, downloaded his template for mio/itunes remote, got OSC editor, got Osculator, open the oscillator file for his remote and opened it, i see the the commands for the mio in the osculator, enabled console support in bio preferences. It still does not work. I was wondering if anyone can help. Thanks

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    Hello Mark,

    The first you can check is wether activity lights turn on when you push a control in TouchOSC. If not, that means that either TouchOSC is not setup properly to send data to OSCulator, or that you have a network configuration problem.

    I can see in the oscd file that the MIO application should be set frontmost in order to receive the keyboard shortcuts. A way to avoid this would be to set the MIO application as the default Key Combo target (to change this, open the Parameters Window and go to the Key Combo tab).

    I can't test this setup because I don't own a MIO interface anymore. It would be great if someone on this forum could share his experience.



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      Ok I got lights and it is working with iTunes just not Mio Console yet. The parameters tab you speak of is in the Mio Console or Osculator or OSC? Thanks for your reply and help.


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        The Parameters Window is in OSCulator.
        Once opened, you'll find the Key Combo tab.
        Please have a look at page 21 in the manual: