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  • Ableton Filter Reset

    Hi Cam,

    I have an ableton filter rack, designed with 3 filters, LPF, BPF & HPF. Each with their own device on/off mapped to a toggle button in TouchOSC. Also, the filter frequency is mapped to a fader so that when one or all three filters are switched on, the frequency is affected.

    Once all of these devices are switched on, plus the filter freq is up...Is there anyway possible of creating a push button, that resets everything to its original position of being 0 (meaning no device on and no filter freq)

    I hope you understand what i'm trying to achieve. I'm sure its possible, just need a little help designing such device.

    Let me know


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    Hi Corey,

    Absolutely no problem.
    Here's what I would do:
    Add a push button in your layout that you will use for reset, and register it in OSCulator. Then, duplicate the message (choose Edit -> Duplicate) as many time as you have parameters to reset. Now, for each duplicate, map the MIDI CC that you use in the other parameters. Flip to the Scalings Page (Command-F), and change the Output Min / Output Max of every duplicate to 0.0 and 0.0.

    Let me know if it does the trick.



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      that didn't work...

      I'm reseting the on/off device for each filter, LPF, BPF and HPF.. plus the filter freq knob.

      Mapped push button to: LPF on/off, BPF on/off, HPF on/off + macro'd filter freq.. changed scalings, and all the push button does is add increments to the filter freq in quarters.. till its all the way on.

      Is it possible for you to demonstrate this with an project.?

      would be a big help! let me know



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        No problem at all. Could you please send me an empty Live set with the effect rack you would like to see mapped? It is stilla bit unclear to me what you would like to achieve. Please send it to camille at osculator dot net, and I will have a look. Thanks!


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          I would like to hear about this whenever you resolve it! Please post back =)


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            Hi Kid,

            Sorry, I should have updated this discussion.
            Here are the offline bits, and the attached files:
            Originally posted by coreya
            As you can see, the rack consists of 3 Filters, LPF, BPF and HPF. Those have all been macro'd to 1 Filter Frequency Knob. With the frequency knob, i have also mapped the on/off switch of each filter to activate past 19.9kHz and then to deactivate once it reaches its lowest point. Using the frequency knob as a switch for on/off and also the frequency range.

            Once each of those is on, and the filter has been set to any frequency i want to create another button that would reset everything back to 0 (all filters back to off, and the frequency back to 19.9kHz). Like a kill reset.

            PROBLEM: The problem i encounter, is that i need to map the 'RESET' button and the fader from TOUCHOSC, through osculator and into ableton, however the reset button needs to disable the whole rack and also reset the frequency fader back to 19.9kHz.
            And my answer:

            Originally posted by camille
            Your kill button should simply need it to send the same MIDI CC that the fader sends when it is set to 19.9 kHz (127). Force the Output Min and Max to 127 so the button can send the same data.

            I'va attached a mapped Live set, with a TouchOSC layout and an OSCulator file.
            I hope I have correctly understood. When I hit the kill button, every filter is reset to OFF, and the frequency to 19.9 kHz.

            Attached Files