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  • midi modifier traktor!!

    Hi cam,

    I have what i think is quite a difficult multi midi modifier mapping request in traktor, and was wondering if you would be able to help me out with this..., unfortunately i'm using all midi mapping within traktor, not osculator(sorry) This is what i’m trying to achieve:

    FX Unit 1 – 1 fader, 3 buttons (delay on, reverb on, phaser on, all effect on)
    each button is assigned to the 3 different effect on switch, the fader is assigned to all three effect amounts.

    what i want is to be able to press button 1, increase or decrease the effect amount… then i want to be able to press button 2, using the same fader increase or decrease the effect amount. same for effect 3.

    so basically having a modifier which enables me to use the same fader on each individual button.

    hope you understand.

    let me know if possible?

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    Hi Corey,

    Here is a solution in OSCulator:

    You create 3 toggle buttons for each FX on/off, and a fader in TouchOSC Editor.

    Then you duplicate the /1/fader1 message in OSCulator so you have 3 different duplicates. Assign them different MIDI CC that you will map in Traktor to the control of each effect level.

    The toggle button enable or disable a one of the duplicates of the fader, hence it selectively select what messages you want to send to Traktor.

    Please see attached files for more details.

    Attached Files