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  • Unable to Add Layout

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently unable to add a layout into Touch OSC on my iPad Air (iOS 12.4.5). I am able to send MIDI to Cubase Pro 10.5 (on Mac OS 10.14.6) using the basic layouts, a previous layout I made with TouchOSC Editor, and the use of OSCulator. On TouchOSC I am able to connect to my iMac via the OSC connection, the Touch OSC Bridge connection via USB, and the CoreMIDI connection with a MIDI Network I setup. Whenever I use TouchOSC Editor to Sync a new layout I'm working on, and I go to sync it on my iPad, no hosts are found in the Add Layout section. I'm not sure how I could be transmitting to my iMac fine but I'm unable to sync layouts....anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? Thanks!

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    I was experiencing the same problem. When creating a new layout in the TouchOSCEditor, running on Window$ 10, I couldn’t get the layout to my iPad. I was however able to establish bidirectional communication from an existing layout to Kontour, running in Reaktor 6 on My PC.
    Only the sync from PC to iPad was not possible, until I deactivated the Public Firewall in Windows Defender... There is also a Private and a Domain Firewall in Windoze Defender, but disabling those have no effect for the sync.