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Encoder setup to Traktor Browser?

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  • Encoder setup to Traktor Browser?

    Hi guys, thanks for all the help the past few days.. you'll be glad to know my setup is 80% there (so not much more annoying you guys hehe)

    Anyway I have a really simple question i just cant seem to figure out

    I have an Encoder setout to 'browse' my track collection and scroll down through every track.. I have it mapped to Traktors 'List Select Up/Down' and seem to be getting some movement and i can set it up so that when I tap the encoder it scrolls through tracks - but i want it so when i move the rotary it scrolls through each track , and when i move it the other way, it goes the opposite direction

    Is this hard to do? I hope I made my question clear enough!

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    Hey Reuben,

    Here is how to use TouchOSC's encoder with Traktor:
    1. Don't use /z messages, you don't need them here.
    2. In TouchOSC, put an encoder in your layout (e.g. /1/encoder1)
    3. Register the encoder message in OSCulator, and assign a MIDI CC. For example (to follow the files you previously sent me), MIDI CC 115 on channel 16.
    4. Go to the Scalings Page and change the Output Min scaling to 1. Therefore the scalings for /1/encoder1 should read: Input Min=0, Input Max=127, Output Min=1, Output Max=127
    5. In Traktor, add a In mapping for List Select Up/Down and set it up like this:
      1. Device Mapping : MIDI Ch16.CC.115
      2. Type of Controller: Encoder
      3. Interaction Mode: Relative
      4. Enc.-Mode: 7Fh-01h (which is hexadecimal notation for MIDI range from 1 to 127, see the connection?)

    And with this, you will be able to scroll through the list of songs. In Traktor, adjust the Rotary Sensitivity setting to your taste.


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      Thanks Camille - Seems to be working, but the only problem is that it will successfully scroll down the list of songs but it will not scroll up again when I move the encoder in the opposite direction?


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        Please start from a blank layout on TouchOSC, an empty file in OSCulator, and delete the mappings in Traktor (don't forget to save them first!), and try to follow the steps one by one ; you will see that it works. Attached are the tsi and oscd files for reference, the layout is simply a single encoder in a blank layout.
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