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Modul8 + TouchOSC + OSCulator - mapping

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  • Modul8 + TouchOSC + OSCulator - mapping

    Hello everyone!
    I'm new member here and also new user of OSCulator.
    Now I'm working on mapping Modul8 controls with my own layout made in TouchOSC Editor and can't help myself with one thing.
    When you open Modul8 and activate 'Lightness' effect it's set default to 'Light'. On my iPad I have to controls responsible for 'Lightness' effect, one for activating/deactivating affect and second one for activating 'Bright' mode. I want to reach effect like this: when you push 'Bright' button on iPad it turns to same in Modul8 (button is selected) and when you push again 'Bright' button (now unselected) it turns back to 'Light' mode. And it's all about what to set in Modul8 and OSCulator to get this working proper.
    I'm attaching two images, one from Modul8 and one from TouchOSC Editor if my description was unclear a bit.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Mooi,

    Welcome to this forum!
    A quick question: would you like to use MIDI to map your controls to Modul8, or OSC?

    In both case here is a hint:
    I guess that you know how to activate the "lightness" effect.
    It seems the "light" and "bright" buttons need to be activated from two different messages. So my first thought is to use the "Demux" command in OSCulator to extract your BRIGHT control's values and attach a different event on both of them. I have successfully mapped the light and bright button using MIDI messags this way:

    1- register your BRIGHT button in OSCulator. (in TouchOSC, it should be a toggle button).
    2- in OSCulator, select the message you just registered and choose Edit->Demux. Then press two times on the BRIGHT button again. This will display the two values extracted from the button's messages.
    3- For each possibility, assign a MIDI Control Change event. For example start with the 0 value (which happens when the button in off), assign a MIDI CC event (for example choose Value 10 on channel 1).
    4- In Modul8, go in Edit MIDI Map mode (Command-Shift-M), and click the LIGHT button. A square marquee will surround the button.
    5- Hit your button in TouchOSC so Modul8 registers the MIDI CC 10 with the LIGHT button.
    6- Repeat step 3 with the second value (1, corresponding to when the LIGHT toggle button in on in TouchOSC). Assign the MIDI CC 11 and map it in Modul8 to the BRIGHT button.
    7- Leave Editr MIDI Map mode (Command-Shift-M).

    Now in TouchOSC when you hit the BRIGHT button, it will toggle between the two possibilities, "light" and "bright.

    Best Regards,


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      Thank you very much Camille, it works perfect!
      But I found another problem during mapping, I will really appreciate it if you can help me also in this case.
      I'm trying to map 'X' rotation knob in 'Transform' window with Two Way Midi Feedback module.
      I register knob in OSCulator, then assign MIDI CC, open Modul8 and map it move my control on iPad. Later I open 'Two Way Midi Module', chose 'Focus' and click 'Edit' then select 'X' rotation knob in Modul8 and move again my control on iPad and value is added in 'Two Way Midi' module but after that when I'm trying to move my know on iPad it 'jumps' on different positions, no fluent move till the end of know.
      I did the same steps with 'In' knob near 'Reverse' button and worked well. Any solution?


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        Alright, I managed second problem and got it working, i never thought that it'd be so simple.
        The only one thing I did wrong is that I mapped this knob also in Midi Mapping Editor in Modul8. Doing it only via 'Two Way Midi' module was right step.
        Anyway, big thanks for first solution.


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          Hi Mooi,

          Sorry for not answering earlier.
          I'm glad you found the solution ; so I understand that when using the Two Way Midi module, you should not use the basic Midi Mapping at the same time.