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  • Logic 8 + LogicPad

    Hello Everyone.

    Lurker posting for the first time here.

    I was wondering if there were any OSCulator templates floating about out there that would allow the LogicPad TouchOsc template to be used with Logic 8, without having to use the learn function to set everything up manually?

    Unfortunately I'm stuck with Logic 8, unable to update to Logic 9 due to backward compatibility issues with my hardware/various plugins.

    Any help or nudges in the right direction that you could give would be much appreciated.


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    H FineMechanics,

    I'm afraid the LogicTouch layout has been designed to be used with Logic as a control surface only, and unfortunately can not be used with OSCulator.



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      Thanks a lot for your reply Camille.

      Shame; looks like I'll just need to bite the bullet and map everything manually!

      If I manage to put a good surface/template together I'll be sure to drop back and share the files here.


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        I don't get this. How is the LogicPad template supposed to work if not via osculator? how does it send MiDI data to Logic?


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          I'm not so much interested in LogicTouch after seeing LogicPad in action.


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            does it work like LiveControl? with its own bridge?


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              Both layouts (LogicPad and LogicTouch) are designed to work with the TouchOSC MIDI plugin that is part of Logic. You don't need to install this plugin because it is installed by default with Logic (9.1.3 IIRC). There is no MIDI sent to Logic, TouchOSC sends OSC messages that are then interpreted directly by Logic.

              These plugins are not designed to be modified or used with OSCulator, however OSCulator provides a Logic plugin with similar functionality. An example OSCulator file is given to demonstrate how to use the LogicTouch layout with OSCUlator and control Logic via the OSCulator plugin.