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custom iPad App -> Osculator -> Abelton Live ** midi mapping Help

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  • custom iPad App -> Osculator -> Abelton Live ** midi mapping Help

    Hello everybody. I'm building a custom iPad app and I'm looking to use Osculator to hook it to Abelton Live. I know next to nothing about Abelton really so I need a bit of help here. Reading this may be confusing, so I've made a quick video you can view to see the issue more clearly.

    This is a simple test application. At this point I just want to iron out the methods of communication between my app and Abelton so I can plan out all the knobs, effects instruments, etc. The app is sending OSC messages, Osculator is receiving them and they're being picked up by Abelton, as you can see in the video. This is fine for simple midi notes, but I need midi CC signals so I can adjust all the fun stuff. From what I understand this means making midi maps and Abelton should be displaying the midi messages it receives in midi map window. But I don't see it being populated by anything. Any ideas?

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    Hi Lee,

    Ableton Live does not automatically map MIDI control changes to controls.
    As shown in your video, when you are in MIDI map mode (Command-M in Live), you must click on a control (that has a blue overlay during MIDI map mode) and send MIDI again to create an association. Once the control has been mapped, you can leave MIDI map mode (Command-M again) and the control will receive MIDI control change messages.

    Please let me know if that solved your problem, and good luck with your application!