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Multiple messages with one push/toggle button

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  • camille
    That would be great!

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  • schlossax
    Cam, thanks again for getting back to me so quickly!
    Turns out I only needed to duplicate it twice rather than 4 times!

    Then, the only thing I changed was the OUT MAX numbers that correspond to the CC numbers. This is really fantastic!!


    It's working!! This is soooooo great!

    I have a feeling I need to post a tutorial for all those ProTools guys that are wanting to do this!! :-)

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  • camille
    Hi Pieter !

    Nice to see you on this forum.

    If you duplicate four times the message for your button and assign the MIDI CC events (respectively 15, 47, 15 and 47), you should be able to send the correct string of MIDI CC you need. You must also set the Output Min and Output Max for each of the duplicates to the appropriate values (respectively 0, 67, 0 and 3).

    As you mentionned it could be also done with raw MIDI messages, but this feature is currently being developped. I hope to come with a solution soon in the next weeks. There are some important details that need to be finalized before I can release the next beta version.

    Please let me know if the first solution works for you, I will keep you posted when I have something to share to make it easier for this kind of problem.


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  • schlossax
    started a topic Multiple messages with one push/toggle button

    Multiple messages with one push/toggle button

    Hey guys!

    I'll try to summarize:
    I have 2 computers, one with Cubase (as my main rig) and a 2nd one with ProTools running (synced with MTC)

    I'm using TouchOSC with Cubase for midi CC's and many other keyboard shortcuts and it's been incredible (all through OSCulator, of course). (if you want to know how to do this, let me know).
    I want to be able to also control several functions in ProTools on my 2nd rig with my current TOSC layout.

    So far, i've been successful with faders and with several keyboard shortcuts. ((if you want to know how to do this, let me know).
    What i'm missing is being able to control MUTES and SOLO buttons!

    I've discovered what information i need to send in order for these buttons to function but i can't figure out how to do it in OSCulator.
    For example, i'd like to be able to send multiple midi CC messages with one button push. This sequence, to be exact:

    Controller 15 0 (15 being the CC and 0 being the value)
    Controller 47 67 (47 being the CC and 67 being the value) etc.
    Controller 15 0
    Controller 47 3

    I tried this with the 'DUPLICATE' function but no dice. (tried going into the scalings view for values but it didn't seem to work)
    Demux, maybe? But i'm not entirely sure.

    The other option is to send this:


    Wondering if there is a way to do this.

    Hope this makes sense!