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LED Feedback in Touch OSC

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  • LED Feedback in Touch OSC

    Hi everyone.

    Been searching for a bit on the forum but couldn't find anything so here I am.

    I was wondering how to get feedback for LEDs in Touch OSC from Ableton. I don't even need (or want) to be able to send data by pressing them, only to monitor certain on/off switches.

    The first problem I ran into was not being able to trigger them from my iphone and so, unable to get them in the routing screen in Osculator.

    Apologies if I missed a post similar to this!


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    You have to create routings for tim in Osculator. LEDs aren't something that can be pushed. So...

    In TouchOSC: create an LED. lets say its called /1/led1

    In Osculator: Click on parameters (the gear), then click on OSC Routing tab. In the lower left of this window, click on the + sign. This creates a blank rewrite address. Double click on it, and in the rewrite address field type the name of your LED the same name as it appears in TouchOSC, in this case it would be /1/led1
    You will want to create two states for this LED, one for ON and one for OFF the arguments field, just below the rewrite address field, click on the token and delete it and type in the number 0
    Repeat the same process again except in the arguments field type the number 1

    Thats it. Now you have an on/off LED that you can assign to whatever you need. This is one way of doing it.


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      Thanks for the help bleach!