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  • Grouping controls

    Is there a way... (probably not) group controls in oscillator for things like visibility and color?

    So.. instead of having to create a routing for everything that you want to be visible/invisible, you could create a master "null" and nest those items inside of it and create the visible/invisible routing for just that master "null". Does that make sense?


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    Hi bleach,

    There is no way of doing this, but I recognize an interesting idea behind your question.

    In the meantime, you can try importing a TouchOSC layout file in the OSC Routings tab to automatically create OSC routings for every controls found in the file. You will still have to customize them as required, but you save the typing of OSC addresses.



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      Yeah I figured there wasn't a way to do it. Do you think something like this could be in a future update?

      Thanks for the tip. I didn't know you could load a touchOSC layout into oscultaor.


      • #4 do you import from the touchOSC file?

        I went to the Osculaor OSC routing tab, clicked on the gear in he bottom left to import, then went to my touchOSC file and opened it but nothing happened.
        What am I missing?


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          This is not normal, could you please send me your TouchOSC layout to camille at osculator dot net?
          I will have a look at why it is not properly imported.


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            Do you think something like this could be in a future update?
            I can't promise anything, but I will surely examine the possibility of grouped OSC Routings.