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  • Audio Finder + Osculator

    This may be something others are doing but I havent seen it so I thought I would share.

    Ive been experimenting with using touchOSC and Osculator to control things other the music gear. So far (all of this is on iPad )Ive made a qwerty keyboard with custom shortcuts, opening finder window sets, new finder windows in specific places, computer shutdown and a bunch of other things..and of course all my music software..anyway..

    in my day to day work I use Audio Finder as my sound fx search engine and it allows me to look up/go through sounds and spot them into protools. This is great but I found myself using the same set of sounds for specific transitions all the time and it got tiring to have to leave protools for a sec, go to Audio Finder, find that sound and then back to protools..I know it doesn't sound that bad but doing that for 30 news type packages a day..

    So heres what I did. I created a "sound bank" of about 80 buttons in TouchOSC. Then I wrote an applescript that goes to a specific folder(my SFX folder) and selects a specific sound, then imports that into Audio Finder. Audio Finder then selects that sound and spots it into protools, clears it from its bin and hides.

    I just add this script to each button and change the sound accordingly. Now I don't have ego leave protools to go to my most used sounds. Just push the button of the sound I need and it pops into protools.

    Like I said, I don't know if anyone is using it this way but I though it was an improvement in my workflow so thought it was worth mentioning