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    So you guys probably already know this but its something that I just figured out and thought I would share a trick I thought was kinda cool.

    When it comes to LEDs in TouchOSC, its easy to make them come on by assigning them to a button but what if you want to use the SAME button to turn it off? Take for example a record button. I have a button for record that has an LED attached to it so when I hit it,the LED lights and tells me Im recording. But when I hit it again to come out of record, the LED is still lit. How to make it go off when hitting the record button a second time? By using the /visible tag.

    Duplicate the record button in TouchOSC and send it to the back. Now you have two buttons in the same place, one in front of the other.
    In Osculator you can then use the /visible tag to show and hide the buttons respectively and alternate between them. Giving one an on value for the LED and the other an off value for the LED.

    If anybody wants I can attaché an example TouchOSC and OSculator.

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    Thanks for sharing your tip!


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      I was unable to find any info in the manual about a /visible tag but I think I found another way to do it with one button.

      In Touch OSC I made a push button and an LED.

      In Osculator I made a custom message for the LED (e.g. /1/led1) and assigned a MIDI CC event type and then hit the activity monitor cell to map it into Ableton (see manual page 18). In this case I chose to map the Track Activator which enables and disables a channels output. This created a backmapping from Ableton in Osculator. I then assigned the backmapped message event to OSC Routing and chose the LED Rewrite I created in the Parameters section.

      Then I assigned Midi CC Toggle event type for the push button I created in Touch OSC and used the same value I just mapped into Ableton with the custom message (I just deleted the custom message after I got the backmap value).

      Now pushing the button in Touch OSC toggles the Track Activator and the LED displays On/Off accordingly. I also wanted LEDs on different pages to monitor the same thing in Ableton. So I went to the backmapped value, went to Edit --> Duplicate and assigned a different LED on another page in the same way.

      Hope this helps anyone who stumbles across this in the future.
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        hey everyone
        nice information thanks for sharing


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          I'm glad I left this detailed post. I totally forgot how to do this.

          Yayyyy forums!