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iphone WILL NOT connect [using touchOSC]

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  • iphone WILL NOT connect [using touchOSC]


    Yesterday I successfully connected my phone to OSCulator via TouchOSC and it worked well!
    This morning I have followed the same exact steps layed out by OSCulator to connect your phone,
    my phone is registering OSCulator, and vice versa via the network tab in the settings menu,
    but when I touch the screen there is absolutely no input being receieved and yet my wii remote works
    perfectly fine!

    I'm sure it's just something stupid I'm overlooking but it's really frustrating as I've tried a number of alternative ways
    to connect and even those tutorials are difficult to understand. I don't know where Airport is on my mac,
    the only app I seem to be able to find doesn't let me make my own network and there aren't any tutorials
    on how to use the USB bridge.

    I'm performing tonight so it's a shame that none of this works and I'd really appreciate all the help I could get!

    Sorry if this is frustrating to read (possibly I'm just being dumb?)

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    Hi Holhow,

    Your iPhone and your Wiimote connect to your computer in very different ways. The iPhone uses the WiFi network, and the Wiimote uses a Bluetooth wireless connection.

    I usually recommend to use a dedicated WiFi base station to connect a wireless device (TouchOSC on iPhone for instance) to a Mac. The network created by a Mac has poor connectivity quality, whereas a base station is more powerful and sometimes has large antennas. See this thread for more info.

    If you really want to connect TouchOSC to OSCulator without a base station, you can always create a network by clicking the Airport icon in the macOS toolbar, and choose "Create Network". For more info, Apple documentation website has a page on the subject.

    The USB Bridge is something specific to TouchOSC so I won't go into the details, you can always consult TouchOSC's documentation. Note that TouchOSC MIDI Bridge only works with MIDI, and does not allow for sending OSC messages.