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Touch OSC Not sending keystrokes OS X

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  • Touch OSC Not sending keystrokes OS X


    I'm trying to use Touch OSC to send some keyboard combinations (like for instance control-shift-h).

    I am connecting an iPad running Touch OSC to a Mac Pro via both TouchOSC (via USB) Bridge and also a network connection on the iPad in TouchOSC's "Connections" setup page.

    Midi connections are working fine. I can send midi notes flawlessly, and I can send midi-controllers via the iPad's faders.

    When I try to send keystrokes, however, simple ones like F7 (function-7) work just fine, but adding things like Control, Shift, Alt or Command to that won't work.

    Below an image of something that won't work...control-shift-alt-D.

    Is there a trick for this?

    Am I doing something wrong?


    TouchOSC 2.jpg
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    Your question is specifically about TouchOSC, please ask here:
    This forum is about OSCulator.



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      Whoops! Thanks!


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        I'm also having the problem that NRKorsakov describes in his original post here - TouchOSC won't send any modifier keys (Shift, Cmd, Alt or Ctrl) that I select in TouchOSCEditor. It only sends the key selected from the Key dropdown menu. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, but I can't find the fix for this anywhere in this site. Thanks.

        edit: For those who may come across this post, fyi, since posting my query above, NRKorsakov was kind enough to reply to a private message about this. He was unable to solve the problem of TouchOSC not sending modifier keys. His solution (which works well) is to pair TouchOSC with Osculator, and let Osculator do the heavy lifting of sending the key commands (i.e. don't assign keystrokes to buttons in TouchOSC -- just create the button there, then map that button in Osculator to send the desired key command). Osculator doesn't seem to have the problems that TouchOSC does with sending proper key commands. NRKorsakov also suggests adding the program Keyboard Maestro to the mix. But simply TouchOSC + Osculator seems to solve the problem of his original post.
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