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  • TouchOSC LEDs

    How can I send activation to a TouchOSC LED? For example "/1/led1". My plan was to use a dummy track in renoise to send a series of 16 consecutive midi-notes. The LEDs would connect 1-to-1 with these dummy notes and allow the LEDs to blink from left to right indicating the position in a sequence.

    thanks for anyone who can help

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    Hi Mushen,

    The idea is to demultiplex the incoming MIDI signal.

    - First, you define OSC routes to each leds (/1/led1, /1/led2, etc.). I would recommend if that is possible that you use the host name (for example "iPhone.local.") instead of the IP address, as it can change from one session to another.

    - Send a MIDI note to OSCulator, select the pitch argument, and do Edit->Demux, this will reset the message and wait for new notes.

    - Send the different notes again to display their respective pitch in the list.

    - Finally, for each note, assign the previously defined OSC routings.

    When a note is sent, the corresponding OSC message will be sent to TouchOSC.

    The only downside to this solution is that the host name is "hard-coded" in the OSC routing, but in a future version, it will be possible to choose the default host as a destination which will make this solution more flexible.




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      I've read through this a few times, as I'm new to OSCulator, but I'm having an awfully hard time addressing LEDs and getting them to feedback to touchOSC via Live 8->OSCulator.

      I think you were mostly describing a solution for mushen's workaround. I'm basically looking for the functionality of a CC toggle without the button in touchosc, just to let me know when certain effects/clips/etc are enabled in live.

      If you have any ideas for that, I'm all ears. Thanks.


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        Hi Tromo,

        I have searched for a solution, but this is not easy. The main reason is that the configuration needed to do that is neither practical in OSCulator nor in Live.



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          I actually thought about it all day at work and found a workaround. LUCKILY, the touchosc editor hasnt implemented any sort of osc address-check. I simply put an LED and a toggle pushbutton in the layout and named them both "led1". I then got osculator to recognize the elements and mapped the button to a clip (and/or device). Then I went back into touchosc editor, and deleted the pushbutton, leaving the LED in the layout. Sure enough, it works!

          Is there no way to manually add message addresses in osculator? I've always been annoyed by ableton live's approach to midi mapping without a manual entry ability, and haven't found a way in osculator to do it either, perhaps it could be a new feature if it isn't already implimented somehow?


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            Hehe, that is a clever workaround indeed!

            My solution was just about the same, instead I have re-created custom routings to send MIDI from Live to the LED.

            Like you I have been frustrated by the fact it is not possible to address a manual mapping in Live.

            To manually add a message (and this is what I would like to enhance in the next version), you open the Parameters window, and go to the OSC tab. If you have given your iPhone a simple name, the host name should be something like "MyiPhone.local." (notice the last dot at the end). The port is the input port for TouchOSC, I don't know the default value. In the rewrite address field, enter /1/led1, or any address you think is relevant to light up the LED control.

            Good luck!


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              Hi Camille, could you email me the beta of Osculator? odedras at gmail dot com ?


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                Hey sunnyd,

                There is not beta currently, but a release candidate you can download on the website here.


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                  Hi Camille,

                  I'm also looking for a solution to give touchOSC a visual feedback of an active (Ableton Live) clip by combining a pushbutton and led (with the solution Tromo suggested, meaning same name for button and led). In that way it is possible to make a matrix of buttons/leds as a sort of launchpad. So far I have this working (clip is launching and led goes on), only if the clip is at the end, and loops back to the beginning, the led resets to the off status. Do you have any suggestion on how to prevent this?

                  Thanks in advance.


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                    Hi Sigma10,

                    I suggest you take a look at this post:


                    I think this will answer your question.



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                      Hi Camille,

                      Thanks! That was indeed the solution for my problem. Thanks again for your quick response!



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                        I wish to do the exact same thing as the original poster. I have 16 LEDs that i'd like to flash from left to right with each passing step.

                        My problem is that I have no idea how to send out of Live to OSCulator, and thus to my iPad. I should also mention taht I don't understand any of the given solutions or attempts.

                        Can somebody please help me with as simple as possible instructions?


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                          Hey Jayesby,

                          I understand this is something a lot of users would like to do easily.

                          Reading you post gave me an idea I would like to experiment today.

                          I should find something great to explain, and will write a small tutorial then.



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                            That would be fantastic and much appreciated. I misspoke a little in saying have no clue about it all. I've carefully followed your initial instructions, but after the demuxing all seems to fail. I anxiously await your insight. Thanks a lot, in advance!


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                              I have just written a detailed tutorial on how to set-up TouchOSC's LEDs with Ableton Live.

                              I hope this will be instructive and sufficiently well explained.

                              Please do submit your suggestions for improvement.