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Cannot get OSCulator and TouchOSC controlling Reason at all

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  • Cannot get OSCulator and TouchOSC controlling Reason at all

    Hi there,

    Complete and utter n00b here! I'm no Reason pro but I know how to tinker with stuff and I've tried to follow all the instructions out there for setting up TouchOSC, OSCulator and Reason to work together and can't work it out really.

    I've got TouchOSC talking to OSCulator no problem. I've also got Reason listening to OSCulator Out for instructions. What I can't work out is how to make it talk to certain instruments.

    It seems to me I have to create a template and work out what the midi controller number for different instruments or effects or whatever are from the PDF that comes with Reason, then list them in the template. I've got a couple of templates from this site (keys, simple, etc) and there's also one on the Reason website which is supposed to work with Thor, but I'm afraid getting them to do much is really tricky.

    The one I got from Propellerheads doesn't trigger the synth in Reason at all. The key presses from TouchOSC don't result in sound. Is it supposed to go through a Matrix rack first? Also, some of the faders appear to work in reverse which is odd.

    Also how could I use one running instance of TouchOSC to control different racks in the same Reason track? Is it simply a case of selecting the rack device and TouchOSC will control it so long as it recognises MIDI cc numbers that are being sent from the phone?

    Many thanks, all!


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    Hi Owen !

    I'm afraid I can't answer much of your questions since I have never used Reason myself.

    The only suggestion I can make about triggering the synth is to use a MIDI Note instead of a MIDI CC. Have you tried it yet? Maybe your synth in Reason expects a note?

    If someone here who knows about Reason has some suggestions, please feel free to participate :-)




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      I haven't figured out how to use the multi-touch pad, but you create program each not via "midi note" in event type or use the "keycode" and put "values" as the shortcuts for reason. You'll need one button to be the command function at times but it works seemlessly!