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    hi guys , i got some problems

    1 when i try to update my custom layout , touchosc can not find my network , just searching...

    but i try mix layout in traktor and its work great , but why its can not find my network

    after i create a new network using airexpress, my ipod tousc connect to this network perfectly but now touscosc can not find any network , just searching again...

    today i also tried to connect rock band guitar , but osculator can not find it ..

    hope to get some support , thanks

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    Hi Artak,

    Another user has reported a problem with TouchOSC and layout updating.

    I don't know what the problem could be, but maybe you should get help from Rob the author of TouchOSC. I myself have no problems on this side.

    I would need to know the versions of the software you are using.

    What version of TouchOSC, OSCulator, Mac OS X: everything that comes into play.

    The Rock Band guitar doesn't work with OSCulator.

    Only Guitar Hero wireless extensions are compatible.




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      I think you right its touchosc problem . its looks really strange. im was trying it on traktor pro , and it was working perfect, so its means no any problems with connection , but when i try to add some layouts , touchosc did t find any network just searching ...

      i use ipodtouch 3.1.3, mac os x 10.5.8, osculator 2.9.1 , TOUCHOSC 1.4.2


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        I didn't know the new iPhone OS 3.1.3 update was also available for iPod Touch.

        It seems this is the update that breaks the TouchOSC Editor layout uploading.

        What you can try is to:

        1. launch TouchOSC and make sure it is connected to the network (Airport icon is the status bar)

        2. open an existing layout first, play with this a few seconds. Make sure it works ok.

        3. Now go back to the layout settings and click "Add" to wait for a layout from the TouchOSC Editor.

        I have noticed that TouchOSC publishes it presence on the network the first time you open a layout. It may be that this process is related to layout uploading, hence the order in which you do those steps.


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          It's me who had the same problem with the TouchOSC Editor layout uploading.

          In the past I resolved it by desactivate an internat ethernet network.

          Now I moved, don't use anymore this ethernet network, and this is the same thing: impossible to sync TouchOSC Editor for layout uploading.

          However Touch OSC works perfectly with internals layout (beatmachine etc..)

          OSCulator 2.9.2

          Touch OSC Editor 1.1.1

          Touch OSC 1.4.2

          Iphone 3.0.1

          Mac OSX 10.5.8

          It's a shame because Touch OSC rocks!


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            its really strange , now its works , but its works really strange , it can not find any networks , but osculator getting signals , i see flashing lights ...

            now i got a new problem , when i try to map my custom layout , traktor cant map my midi commands , but then i switch to normal layouts like mix 2 , its works and i can map it , but then i switch back to my custom layouts , traktor can not learn my midi commands . i sorry for my poor english...


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              This is definitely a problem on TouchOSC or iPhone OS side.