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OSCtouch+OSCulator+Ms.Pinky Maxi patch

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  • OSCtouch+OSCulator+Ms.Pinky Maxi patch


    First let me congratulate for such brilliant piece of software.

    I bought Osculator in order to use in combination with my iphone, so the iphone becomes a midi trigger to work in conjunction with MS Pinky's masy patch; a max/msp based pacth.

    I use Ms Pinky's maxi pacth vinyl controller for scratching and what I'm trying to achieve is to load up the different songs I have in a folder by pressing one of the buttons in the osctouch; the folder which contains the songs is already loaded in the Maxy Patch program.

    So far I've managed to load and play only the first song in the folder but when I hit the next button in OSCtouch, hoping for the following song to load up, nothing happens.

    I would appreciate any help on this subject; if you need additinal information please let me know

    all the best


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    Hi Alvaro,

    Thank you for your nice words!

    I have visited mspinky's website, but I haven't found the documentation to know how this patch is controlled. Maybe you could give us a brief description of what you are trying to achieve in more technical terms?