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Thank you camille! and mrmr questions.

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  • Thank you camille! and mrmr questions.

    first, a quick shoutout to camille for the great software! its been a while since ive been on these forums, and that is because my project (the arcamidi synth - has been away for the past few months. it was away because i submitted it to a huge art show in the design category. my instrument won a gold key, the highest award possible, at the regional level, and just a few days ago, i found out i just won a gold medal at the national level for design! i couldnt be more happy, and without osculator, it would just look like a cool paperweight without functionality.

    now moving forward, i may have to send off the instrument to new york city, where i will go to the award ceremony etc, the problem is that i dont know when i have to send it. until then, it is safely at home, and i have a set of features i wish to add, for example getting a wiimote to be powered from usb to eliminate batteries outside the laptop, adding a new instrument preset, and using a custom interface with mrmr to control more aspects of my performances. one thing im wondering with osculator, can it output any text, or any information that i can receive on my mrmr screen. this may not be possible, but i would love it if i could use a textbox on the iphone screen, and when i press a button assigned to c in midi, then the textbox on the iphone displays a large C. instead of that, would it be possible to display a preset name in a text box through mrmr? if there are any creative ways of accomplishing that i would love the help, if its not possible, ill see what i can figure out , but either way, thanks for being a HUGE part of my success! thanks


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    Hey Alex!

    Congratulations for those awards!

    Looking at your photos, and this is what I call an impressive design.

    And I bet you know how to play that thing :-)

    (remembering you Guitar Hero mastering!)

    About strings:

    Yes, with OSCulator 2.9, you can send strings, but have to know how mrmr receives them, and I don't have the knowledge to tell you so.

    What you can do for a start is assign a new OSC Routing event to a button. Edit that new routing, and give it a proper OSC target address. Now, remove the <all args> default token. In the arguments field, type in the text you want to send and validate by pressing the space key.

    When this routing is fired it will send the string you have previously defined.

    Currently you can only send strings that do not change.

    A last note: you already know this, but I just wanted to mention that you will need to duplicate the message for your button in order to send both a note and the string message.

    With a bit of hit and miss, I'm sure you'll be able to make this work!