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Must double click in order to activate control

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  • Must double click in order to activate control

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a TouchOSC question or a OSCulator question. I have a button setup in TouchOSC which is routed to the record button in Ableton. I have it setup as a MIDI Toggle because ableton requires me to hold down the button to continue recording if it's just a normal MIDI CC signal. This causes problem since the first time I have to select record it must be done twice in order to the toggle to work correctly. After it has turned on at least once, the button works as it should. I can then record as I like but if I try to record once again it requires two taps.

    Anyone else have this problem (maybe with another function in ableton). Any ideas?

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    Use a toggle button in TouchOSC, and a MIDI CC in OSCulator. It should work.

    There is an old thread in this forum about this question if I remember well.

    FYI, MIDI CC Toggle has nothing special, it just toggles between 0 and 1.



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      Thank you. It works perfectly now.