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Setting up TochOSC with Reason 4

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  • Setting up TochOSC with Reason 4

    Hey guys, I've read through a few threads concerning this, but still can't figure out how to do it. I am brand new to both TouchOSC and OSCulator. I suppose I don't even know where to start. Does anyone have a straight forward method for setting up TouchOSC/OSCulator with Reason 4? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Tony,

    Setting up OSCulator with Reason 4 is much like using a MIDI controller with Reason.

    Once you see messages from TouchOSC in OSCulator, you need to assign them with MIDI Control Changes or MIDI Notes.

    Then, there is a setting in Reason which let's you tell what MIDI input to use as a controller.

    I'll try to give you more precise info a bit later.




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      I am getting OSCulator to recognize TouchOSC and I've added a generic control surface in Reason with the MIDI input set to OSCulator Out, but when I change midi notes in OSCulator to control a parameter in Reason nothing is happening.


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        If you're only sending MIDI CC messages from sliders or buttons in TouchOSC, you can use the "<Other> MIDI Control Surface" remote codec in the Reason preferences. If you have OSCulator sending MIDI notes to Reason, you will have to set up the preferences with the "<Other> MIDI control Keyboard" Remote Codec. The difference between the two is that the "MIDI control surface" codec does not expect to receive MIDI note events.


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          I am using "<Other>MIDI Control Surface" and am using MIDI CCs but I still can't get anything to happen in Reason. I had made progress in that, when I click on auto-detect for the MIDI input it recognizes OSCulator. It was not doing this before. Maybe there is a template I need to be using? I'm just using the standard "Mix 2" on the iPad. I'm trying to start as basic as possible by setting one slider to MIDI CC 1 just to control the mod wheel, but nothing at all. I really appreciate all the input. Just trying to figure out what I'm missing.


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            Ok, i'm not sure what your configuration looks like, but i'm assuming that you probably have another keyboard controller connected to your workstation. If this keyboard is set to the "Master Keyboard", the keyboard modwheel will take priority over a MIDI CC 1 message from OSCulator.

            You are on the right track though. In Reason, you will need to set "remote override mappings" from OSCulator aka "<Other> MIDI Control Surface".

            The easiest way to map a control is to right click on a knob and select the "Edit Remote Override Mapping..." item from the contextual menu. In your situation, try right clicking on the Mod Wheel of a synth or sampler device.

            When the remote override mapping window opens, first check the box for "Learn From Control Surface Input". Then touch the slider or control that you have mapped in OSCulator, and Reason should automatically pick up the control message. You should see some activity on the progress bar, and the pull down menus should change with the appropriate settings.

            Click on OK to set the mapping, and the control should respond when you make an adjustment on the iPad.

            Hopefully this makes sense. Also here's a link to an OSCulator file with all of the Mix 2 iPad template controls mapped to MIDI CC values:



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              i was having the same troubles as above getting any activity coming from OSCulator to be seen by reason 4. the solution (simple, i know) was just to use the .oscd files included in the DL for whichever control surface you are using. in my case, i'm using TouchOSC for the iPhone. it worked like a champ (after following the above steps getting reason set-up for a generic control surface with OSCulator as the output).

              my question for the pros here: how can i get Redrum to work with the TouchOSC beatmachine layout? i loaded the preset file and it loads just as the one for the "simple" or the "keys", but the mapping seems off for the drums. there is no output from the samples, but in some cases i can see switches toggling, or it fires the "mute" key, for example. any ideas?

              thanks in advance, and this product is really amazing. huge props.


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                Wow thanks. You guys are the best. Have it working flawlessly. Next step Ableton. Thanks again!


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                  Perhaps you could try to tweak the Beatmachine and replace the MIDI CC with MIDI Notes.


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                    This thread was excellent, the layout above is also awesome, I had hand pressed each button, but assigning values to each one... no thanks (One thing, the above layout is actually missing a few rotaries and push buttons, so I just set them up as midi cc and use any available Value #)

                    The reason Im dredging this thread up from the past is a biggy for me:

                    Is there a way I can setup some of the mixer buttons as MIDI notes for Kong? Currently hating Kong because clicking it is a nightmare.

                    Also a biggie: Getting the XY coordinates to work with the XY parameters in the Formant on Thor (only occurrence I see where XY messages apply, and a big occurrence at that), the XY coordinates seem to already trigger some knobs on Thor natively... this is confuse

                    I'll get to work and figuring this out, but if anyone has a nice clean method that they use that doesn't cripple the usability of the Messages for other things (i.e. Midi notes won't ruin the fact that Ill set up the push buttons for some other parameter) that would rock!

                    This seems to be similar as the Redrum question above.
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