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LEDs in TouchOSC from Traktor midi output?

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  • LEDs in TouchOSC from Traktor midi output?


    Has anyone managed to get LEDs to light on TouchOSC in response to actions in Traktor Pro. I seem to be getting myself in quite a kerfuffle trying to make this work because it seems to be a bit more technical than my knowledge allows. :-(

    Any help gratefully appreciated, thanks!

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    Hi Noeluk,

    There is no easy way to address TouchOSC's LEDs right now.

    You need some kind of logic to tell what LEDs to light up in response of an event.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of choices to offer you. Most of the time people hack something custom in Max or Pure Data …



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      Thanks Cam, this sounds a little beyond my capability :-) I'll sit tight and hope Hexler weaves some magic soon.

      Thanks for getting back to me.


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        And BTW, OSCulator is fantastic. Keep up the great work!


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          Hi Cam

          Just wanted to report back that I've worked out how to get midi outputs and LEDs working from Traktor. :-)

          Seems I was over-complicating the matter and it's quite simple matter of copying the input Midi CC as an output. Only Traktor doesn't seem to support Midi notes, only CC for LEDs. This discovery, together with a work-around I read in your forums about creating a dummy button and copying it's name to the LED in TouchOSC, has got me up an running again.

          …even if it does mean I need to re-map OSCulator from scratch. It will be worth it!

          Many thanks.


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            Thanks for the feedback!


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              With version 2.10, there is a new method that does not involves the creation of a dummy button:
              • In the Routing menu, select "Manually Create Message …"
              • Type in the name of your LED control, for example
              • As with any control, assign a MIDI CC (say for example, #34 channel 1) to that dummy message, and map it in Live or any software that should send a status using this CC. To send the MIDI message, click on the activity light on the left of the row.
              • Do something in the software that should send back the corresponding MIDI CC #34 channel 1 to OSCulator. A message named /midi/cc34/1 will be registered and automatically mapped back to TouchOSC.