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  • Relative Mouse control

    Hi Camille...

    First of all thanks for a very nice piece of software... Only one thing bugs me at this moment. When using the relative mouse control give the result of the mouse pointer "drifting" in one direction or the other unless the incoming control value stays at the absolute center value. This is not exactly what I would expect. I am usiing a TouchOSC XY controller and want it to behave like the trackpad of a MacBook or similar. Anyway this can be done? Or do u need to make adjustments to the implementation of the mouse function?


    Ake Parmerud

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    Hey Ake,

    I see the point you make but the Relative Move is behaving the correct way: the pointer is incremented by a relative value. This is working well with joystick type controllers.

    Now if you think about it, controlling the mouse pointer in a trackpad fashion with the x/y control of TouchOSC is a totally different thing. Enulating a trackpad is not a "relative" movement but rather some kind of composition of "absolute" movement relative to the current mouse position. Therefore another set of mouse events should be created for this purpose (something like Touchpad X, Touchpad Y and Touchpad Touch).

    I think it would be interesting to have a touchpad like control style for the mouse. I can see some applications outside of the TouchOSC. So, I will add your request to the todo list, but please bear in mind that I won't be implementing that feature in the near future, unless indeed there are other users also interested.




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      Hi !
      I have the same issue, I tried to create a trackpad with osculator and touch osc for my ipad, but it doesn't behave like a real trackpad...

      Any ideas ?



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        Hey Steo,

        That is correct, support for converting a XY control to mouse movements has not been implemented yet, still in the TODO list though, sorry ...



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          I actually thought about this the other day. If you are using something like PureData to route the TouchOSC to OSCualtor, you could UDPsend a sort of "reset to 0.5,0.5" message. I've not implemented this yet, but it shouldn't be hard. It would make the simulated touch pad reset to the middle when "XYPad_Touchdown" = 0 just like when you let go of a joystick on a controller.