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Problems hooking up OSCulator with Ipod touch

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  • Problems hooking up OSCulator with Ipod touch


    I can't hook up the ipodtouch with Osculator...followed the tutorial here and from the guy on youtube, and i just can't get it going...

    i set up the ports and all that but the ipod just doesn't reach osculator...are there any options i have to check on the macs system? am using one of the new mbp' just keeps searching (in touchOSC i mean)and yes it's all connected on a wireless conection

    Hope a patient soul can help this daft retard

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    Hi Oceans,

    It looks like you have a network configuration problem.

    The first thing I would check is if the firewall is not running on your Mac.

    Also, I would double check the iPod's network address and make sure they are on the same subnet: they must share the first numbers of their IP address, for example 192.168.0.XXX.

    Please come back to me with new details if it is still not working after those checks!




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      I have tried it on two different iphones and I'm having the same issue. The phone recognizes the computer on the network, the IPs check out and osculator is receiving the messages but I can't get anything (specifically ableton) to want to work with it. I'm stumped.


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        ok, if OSCulator receives events from the phone, you have one part done correctly.

        Now, check you have enabled OSCulator's virtual MIDI interface in Live. You have to check the preferences of Live for that.

        Have you followed this small tutorial, it should help you sort that problem out.


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          Thanks m8,

          After careful reviewing I think I missed a small step in the communication between osculator and abeton. I'll report back, let you know.


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              Thanks so much for your help. I just missed the small step about getting the midi event in osculator to correspond with ableton. Needless to say, everything is 100% working and I can safely say I tried it on different networks including a local apple store and it all worked even with 30 computers on the same network no problem.

              My money well spent, donations are a must! Thanks for your patience and your help, I hope to be further help the forums for other users in the future m8!


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                Thanks Armando for your kind message.

                If you need more helps, the forum is still there …