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Ableton Live and LED question?

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  • Ableton Live and LED question?

    i would like to set a marker on my track that will send a signal to a LED light to let me know when to mix in the next track. i know some of you think this cheating, but when you are on the dance floor controlling the DJ/VJ booth, this would come in handy.


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    Hi dg,

    You can do that either in a track region or in a clip. Once the region is configured for sending the right signal, copy a paste it where you want the signal to be sent.

    You should do something along the lines of this tutorial, expected I would recommend you do not use Notes, but a single Control Changes instead, which will be much more easier.

    - So, you go in arrange view, create a new track, and create an empty region (MIDI clip in Live's jargon) in it.

    - Configure this track so it has "No Input", and set its output to "OSCulator In (8000)" and MIDI channel 16.

    - Click on the little 'E' icon, it will display the Enveloppes editor.

    - In the Enveloppes section, select MIDI Control Change 3 (or anything you'd like).

    - Grab the pink line in the editor and bring it to value 127, on the first beat, and bring it back to 0 where you judge appropriate. Double click to add a control point. This will set the length of the time to display the LED on.

    - Hit play, see the MIDI value appear in OSCulator's message list as message /midi/cc3/16. If you quick look this message you will observe that its value goes up and down in conjunction with the sequence you have just set up.

    - Now all you need to do is a OSC routing back to your led. In the Parameters Window, OSC Routes tab, create a new routing, set your tablet's IP and port, and enter the rewrite address as your control's address (something like /1/led/1).

    Again, use the tutorial I gave previously to learn about all the details, but this recipe should let you do what you want.



    PS: And thanks for sharing your setup !!!! Maybe it would be a nice idea to have a place where we can post layouts and configuration files? Any suggestions appreciated.


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      i have an idea. setup a master thread in the forum strictly for people to upload links to there downloads like i did. this way you do not have to worry about it.

      second question. so this means i have to have my set arranged and the midi created, right?

      if you look at my controller, you will see the a1-4 buttons. those are my clip triggers. say i am playing audio in first track, it is time to bring in the second track, the led on the a2 button is the one to light up 15 seconds before the next track is to come in, and etc. for a3, a4, a1, buttons. will this setup do this. sorry if my explanation is rough but i am tired.


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        Thanks for the suggestion, that's a nice idea.

        And no, you don't need to go in arrangement mode, you can do this directly at the end of your clips.

        Apart from that this is the only ideas I have in my mind, I don't know of any other automatic in Live to signal the end of a clip.