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  • Osculator+TouchOSC+Serato

    Hi there,

    I have a big problem..

    How do i start mapping my midi control between serato and touchosc..

    i have installed touchosc on my ipad and the osculator on my laptop (MAC)

    got my layout into the ipad too..

    made a peer to peer connection and its connected too

    Now do i jus click on midi in serato and click the corresponding button on both or how it works..

    And wheneva i click on the serato key whicheva i wanna midi control and i do the same corresponding in the ipad.. a midi file has to form on the osculator rite?? Which doesn happen for me.. i see in the ipad tat the small green led burns wheneva i click., which mean the ipad is doin well but i mus be wrong somwhere in my laptop?

    Is there a full fledged video where i can see and track where i went wrong?

    sorry if am dumb.. cos this is all i could manage to do :-)

    plzzz help

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    here is what you have to do.

    1. in touch editor make sure OSC Auto box is check on every control on surface.

    2. resync after any changes

    3. start OSC

    4. start controller

    5. touch every control on surface and a command for every control should come up.

    6. highlight all.

    7. click arrow in routing column for drop down menu and choose midi cc

    8. click arrow in channel column and select your channel.

    9. click on a command line

    10. click on arrow in channel column of selected command line set the channel

    11. repeat 10 on every command line, making sure every command line is set to a different channel.

    12. start serato and map like the direction tell you to.

    this should help you. this is how i setup ableton, and it works good. only issue i have had was that i had to setup ableton every time i started it up.


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      Hii dg..

      Thanks for thankin the trouble for replyin.. I jus figured out couple of days bak

      But much regards for supporting me..

      Now am working on Virtual dj set up

      Any help on tat..

      Cos i tried the same way like serato.. but not workin.


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        PLEASE help....

        I have installed touchosc onto my ipad and have got it working and I have installed osculator onto my mac. Now I cant seem to set up the midi controls through Serato. When I try and assign the midi controls the box doesnt seem to be going green indicating that something is going wrong. Does anyone know of any video tutorials I can watch to make this easier?? And where can I find a simple template? like the one in this video....

        Sorry I am a girl and things like this don't come to me naturally haha


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          Hello Alina,

          When you touch a control in TouchOSC, and if you correctly configured the networking part, a new entry should be displayed in OSCulator, this is what we call a message. Now, if this message blinks yellow, that means it doesn't trigger any event. If you don't see anything assigned in the Event Type or Value menus, that means OSCulator doesn't know yet what to do with these messages. You must assign an event to a message in order to have the leds blink green, and do something like send a MIDI control change.

          I would suggest you follow the steps described in this quick start guide (see "configuring the events") :

          When you have the green lights, you should check in Serator if there are any settings related to MIDI input and output. Software like Live require you to activate the MIDI ports before using them. I don't know how it works in Serato, but you should have a look.

          Let me know if this was helpful.


          PS: regarding the layouts, have you had a look at this forum?

          I see there are Serato layouts …