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2 x MAC's, 2 x VDMX, 1 Network, 1 TOUCH OSC /// POSSIBLE ?

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  • 2 x MAC's, 2 x VDMX, 1 Network, 1 TOUCH OSC /// POSSIBLE ?

    Hello, i want to know if you can control 2 computer with one Controller (like iphone) at the same time...??

    2 x mac OSX, 2 x vdmx, 1 Network, 1 TOUCH OSC /// POSSIBLE ?

    the thing is, i want to controll them syncron.. both computers schould react to the same signals in the same programm...

    but i saw that the controller accepts only one host... so the other one is not working at the same time.....

    or is there somehow a solution for this ??

    would be great to find a waythat worx....


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    Yes that is possible.

    First, create an OSC routes in the Parameters Window (OSC tab), with the two hosts you want to target. One will be the localhost, and the other will be another host on the network. Have a look at the Sharing Preferences Pane to know the host name of the other computer. For example, my computer host name is "hippolyte.local".

    Unless you do some custom address rewriting, you should not have to change anything more than the host name and the port.

    In the main window, use duplicate (Command-D) on every messages you want to send on both targets, and assign the two previously created OSC routes on both duplicated slots.