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Help needed with iPad and iMac connection

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  • Help needed with iPad and iMac connection

    Short story: I can not seem to connect TouchOsc for iPad and TouchOsc Editor on the iMac.

    I tried to follow the online manual to use it with Logic 8 but it goes wrong immediately at the start (that online manual seems to be a little outdated).

    Both machines are connected to the same wifi network. Mac is on and iPad on

    I start up TOE and then TO, then that last one comes up with the main screen. "Network" at the top says: "Not configured". clicking it shows me the network page with 4 fields:

    Host: greyed out

    Port (Outgoing): greyed out

    Port (Incoming): greyed out

    Local IP address:

    What should I do from here?? If I go to "Layout" - "Add" I only see: "Editor Hosts" and "Found Hosts (0)".

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    Have you checked if you Mac has firewall running?

    Also, I would suggest you take a look at the iPhone/iPad FAQ. I might help you sort things out.




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      Hi Cam, thanks for the reply!

      Thee is no firewall running on my mac. But I took the easier road by creating a network on the iMac itself. But still no luck. The FAQ is not very helpfull actually. It only tells me how to connect my iPad to the iMacs network.

      But in TouchOsc there is still this network screen with greyed out values as said above, and also no host visable in the "layout" -> "Add" page.

      Please advice :-)


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        Problem solved. Thanks Camille.

        I think the FAQ document could be improved a little though. For instance that it is necessairy to click Sync in TouchOsc editor on your computer in order to add the network connection in Touch Osc on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and also to explain a bit more how the input and output ports work?

        Also I still didn't get it to work through the normal WIFI network (so using the internet modem/router). I only got it to work with a direct network created on the iMac itself. Would be nice if someone can explain in detail how that should be setup?

        Anyway, the concept of TouchOsc is fantastic!



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          Hi Boele,

          Great to hear it is working.

          I am working most of the time in a studio where the WiFi router just doesn't work with my iPhone and OSC. I found that restarting my iPhone could cure the problem, but it is definitely not as good as using a direct connection between the Mac and the iPhone.

          For documentation improvements on the TouchOSC Editor, and TouchOSC, please direct your requests to Rob, the author of TouchOSC.